Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't worry... cockraoches DO NOT asexually reproduce

Yesterday, while observing my Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, I saw a little bug on him. My first thought was...if this thing is having babies, my roommates are going to kick me out for sure. I mean the last thing I want is an apartment full of baby cockraockes...yuck! Anyway, my friend Allison did some research(you know Wikipedia and other reliable sources) and found that it may in fact have asexually reproduced. Gerald had become a mother. And it all happened while Allison and I had gone to lunch.

I wanted to get a second opinion, so I called my professor. She laughed and told me Gerald definitely did not asexually reproduce.(I have this cockroach for her class) He probably just had a mite....which is also disgusting...but no big deal. All I had to do was give Gerald a little rinse-a-roo under the faucet and he would be good to go. Well bummer for Gerald, because there is no way I am giving a cockroach a bath.

Anyway, moral of the story:
a. do not trust everything you read on the internet
b. cockroaches definitely do not asexually reproduce was the gum

Right now I am finishing up my second to last semester in the Elementary Education program at BYU. For this program I am taking a teaching math in the El Ed classroom class and we went to the schools to teach last week. We were teaching base 10s in a 3rd grade class and the little boy I worked with was quite a character.

When we were finishing up he started telling me about something interesting he had heard on the radio that morning. He said he heard that gum can make you smarter. I didn't really buy it....but I mean it was on the radio, so it must be true. Anyway, after he completed the activity I praised him for doing well and staying on task, to which he replied,"I thought it was just my education, but it was the gum." Apparently the educational benefits of chewing gum are now greater than those of public school...sheesh.