Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crew and Dane say it best!

For the past two summers I have been nannying for a family of 7 children in Draper Utah. It has been awesome and I absolutely love the family. Nannying can be pretty fun and the two youngest boys especially crack me up. Whether it is jumping on the trampoline in Spiderman capes or cruisn' around in the barbe jeep, these boys are 100% awesome and totally tough. Just the way boys should be.

Anyway, lately these little hooligans (Crew and Dane) have been saying some pretty funny things. Below I have listed some of my favorite quotes from Crew and Dane. Just so you know, Crew is 5 years old and Dane is 3. I hope this list gives at least a glimpse of how cool these boys really are. I'm just sayin'.

• One day I took a sip of Crew’s soda and he stomped away breathing hard, then turned around with an angry little look on his face to say, “That was a BAD Kimi!”
• Me: “Dane… teeth are not for biting, they are for chewing and eating our food.”
Dane: With an adorable little smirk, “Kimi, I thought Crew was my lunch.”
• One morning while I was getting the boys breakfast, Dane said to me, “Hey Kristina(The other nanny’s name)… not here….Kimi will you please get me a glass of milk.” ---Good cover Dane, I could not even tell you forgot my name!
• While running down the hall naked to get ready for a bath Dane yelled, “Naked, Naked, Naked!”
• While Crew was getting dressed I asked him to pull off his shirt and he responded, “I’ll pull you off!”
• Crew told me he was a ghost who was going to get me, so I told him I would hide. Crew’s response was pretty clever. He said, “I can go through walls and I have GPS’s for Kimi’s!”
• Crew: “Hey Kim Bim.”
Me: “What’s that?”
Crew: “That’s your new name with ice cubes in it!” ---I thought the name was pretty rad, but I don’t know what the ice cubes were for.
• Dane: “Get me a fruit roll up or I am going to smack your bum!”
• Me: “Hey Crew Crew Ka Chew”
Crew: “How about I call you Kim Kim Ka Chew?”
Dane: “How about I call you… Dad’s car?” --- I don’t know where Dane’s response came from, but I thought it was kind of awesome.

These boys are the best and I am just going to miss them like crazy when I go back to school!!!

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